As a woman, have you leveraged an entrepreneurial mindset to advance in your career? Do you want to align your purpose with your traits and skills to “do well” and “do good” in your profession?

Authors Barbara Kurshan and Kathy Hurley, both experienced and highly regarded leaders in business and education, wanted to know how today’s top female leaders might answer these questions. So, they asked. The result is InnovateHERs: Why Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurial Women Rise to the Top.

Through personal interviews with twenty-nine of today’s global, top-performing women in purpose-driven organizations, Kurshan and Hurley offer readers a unique, insider view into the diverse pathways to success. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, corporate leader, or new to business, InnovateHERs provides stories and ideas that show you how to leverage your personal entrepreneurial mindset to accelerate your purpose-driven professional journey.

Learn how these accomplished, purpose-driven, entrepreneurial women blazed new trails and rose to the top of their professions around the world. Discover how to think bigger, lead stronger, and embrace your unique passions, traits, and skills. They are InnovateHERs, and they’ll show you how to be one, too.

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Praise for InnovateHERs

“As a two-time founder and CEO myself, I can attest that the entrepreneurial journey is unique to each of us. The mindset to succeed and forge one’s path through all types of setbacks and challenges is tough for anyone, particularly for a female entrepreneur. This book inspires and guides by telling the stories of a diverse set of women who have not only developed the mindset, but used it to succeed in brilliant and diverse ways.”– Coco Brown, CEO, The Athena Alliance

“Aspiring CEOs will get a lot out of InnovateHERs:…even hims. A startup’s purpose is more than a slogan, and making it an integral part of your practice will make your long nights and weekends–and those of your entire team–easier to take and more likely to pay off.” — John Katzman, CEO, Noodle

“The future is female—and it’s purpose-driven women that will keep the planet safe, habitable, and prosperous for all. Kathy and Bobbi have combined their entrepreneurial spirit to create InnovateHERs, a book that every young woman should read. It’s the curriculum for the future.” –Tom Vander Ark CEO, Getting Smart Author: Difference Making at the Heart of Learning

“Barbara Kurshan and Kathy Hurley have written a book about entrepreneurial women who remind us that using your gifts in the service of others is something all of us can foster in our workplaces and our communities. One inspiring story after another, this is a great book about great women.” – Jack Lynch, CEO and President, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

“There are many books that delve deep into how to succeed as an entrepreneur, but most are written by men, for men. InnovateHERs provides a much-needed roadmap for the female entrepreneurial mindset, telling the stories of a diverse set of women who have not only developed the mindset, but used it to succeed in brilliant ways. It’s a must-read for anyone looking to support women in building successful companies!” — Kate Eberle Walker, CEO of Presence Learning, Author of The Good Boss

“With so much emphasis placed on cultivating the entrepreneurial mindset, it took this book to remind me that this mindset for women and people of color, may be different than the celebrated norm. This book bears witness to character traits that, when hyper-focused on purpose-driven objectives, have the power to change lives and to change the world.” – Angela Nelson, CEO, Stages Learning

Ana Hidalgo

Anjlee Prakash

Carol Ann Waugh

Elissa Freiha

Jamie Candee

Jane Kubasik

Jennifer Ferrari

Joysy John

Katie Fang

Krish O’Mara Vignarajah

Lezli Baskerville

Lisa Hall

Lisa Schmucki

Maia Sharpley

Margaret Huber

Mary Louise Cohen

Megan Harney

Monica Valrani

Nisha Ligon

Pam Mayer

Patricia Scanlon

Rebecca Winthrop

Sabari Raja

Sherrie Westin

Silver McDonald

Vicky Colbert

Zoë Timms