The Weight Of Risk For Educational Entrepreneurs

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In a blog I wrote in February of 2017, I explored  some of the key components of an educational entrepreneur’s mindset  Similar to research conducted at  Eckerd College and NFTE, I argued that attributes like risk, patience and flexibility are critical mindset traits of almost all new venture founders. My intent was to spark a dialogue about the underlying attitudes and dispositions necessary for entrepreneurs to work intelligently and strategically in a system as complicated as P-20 education. Since then, I have continued to research and discuss the underlying components of an entrepreneurial mindset in education with a variety of educational entrepreneurs: new school founders, ed-tech software developers, and entrepreneurs providing direct support to schools and organizations that serve students ranging in level from Pre-K to adult. These conversations reminded me that while thinking entrepreneurially has a huge potential upside, some of the attributes involved, like a proclivity for taking risks or a tendency to be overly persistent, can also present challenges. Sometimes, these attributes can even be the challenge themselves.

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